Now that I'm getting older I have decided to make a permanent home for my telescope. As having to lug my heavy Meade 10" Schmit Newtonian out side every time I use it is not going to get any easier in the future.

So here I'll be blogging all the trials, tribulations, successes and failures (of which there will be many I'm sure) of building an astronomical observatory from scratch.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Give me a Brake (Disc)

Isn't it just great when Karma works in your favor? My first job today was to check out the brakes on a Ford Ka, and guess what it needed front brake discs. That'll be forty quid save then thank you very much.

As you can see my measurement were correct a perfect fit, will just need a large washer now to clamp mount to the brake disc. Next job though is to get the grinder out a clear the disc up and make it  nice and shiny. 


  1. Awsome ! got plenty of brake discs lying around, this will be perfect for my peir head too :D

    1. I'm glade you found this idea useful that is the hole idea behind this blog. I'm working on what to use to clamp the mount to the disc got hold of two front strut top mount off the same Ford Ka today and think I'll be able to manufacture something from them which will work. Stay tuned!